Construction Services that Exceed Expectations


ZT Construction has become known for our reliability and depth of experience of our staff. We consistently deliver quality services, technical competence, and program management expertise.

Quite simply, at ZT Construction we transform ideas into award-winning projects—developing, designing, and building private and public sector infrastructures. Over the years, our team have worked with every type of project—from construction manager at risk (CMAR) and design-bid-build to negotiated and competitively bid projects.

The ZT Approach

From start to finish, ZT Construction promotes active client participation throughout all phases of development, design, and construction. We understand that successful projects require ongoing collaboration and consistently sharing best practices and ideas. That’s why we hold interactive work sessions that provide our clients the opportunity to remain engaged in decision-making throughout the project.

While we still ascribe to the same core principals upon which ZT Wealth was founded, at ZT Construction, we strive to remain nimble to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. That’s why we adhere to a Total Quality Management approach to deliver service excellence at every phase and within every level of our organization—from executive leadership to individual team members. The end result is the successful completion of projects that exceed expectations.

Development Services: From Concept To Reality


Every great project starts with a great idea and we bring those ideas to life. At ZT Construction, we have the backing of ZT Wealth, a powerful financial enterprise based in Houston, Texas with a unique and highly successful development strategy.

For our clients this means we bring extensive experience to identify opportunities, allocate resources and support the successful development of your project—from start to finish. From acquiring land and obtaining financing to offering lease back options, ZT Construction is prepared to partner with you to ensure a seamless process every step of the way.

Design Services: Rendering Your Vision

servie-design Once your idea has the right development support, the next step is taking that idea to the drawing board of design. At ZT Construction, we are committed to delivering quality throughout every phase of a project. That includes bringing you the latest in delivery technology and state-of-the-art design trends.

We understand that close collaboration between the client and the architect is the essential link to ensuring your design fits within your vision—and your project scope. Utilizing the latest technologies, our experienced design team uses our continuous improvement model to apply best practices, industry standards and leverage the best materials to realize the right mix of value and innovation. Early in the process we establish your goals and expectations, and then create a design model that’s evaluated and modified as the project evolves.

Construction Services: Bringing Your Vision To Life


Once the design phase is complete, our ZT Construction team establishes a clear plan for your project to seamlessly transition from design to project creation and construction. Managing construction projects today poses a major challenge—and that is achieving successful project completion in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

From new materials and rising costs to changing community and environmental constraints, at ZT Construction, we employ the most innovative building methods and progressive management systems. This enables our team to draw upon their years of construction experience and respond quickly to your needs and changing market demands.

We also know that the key to success within construction projects is efficient coordination. At ZT Construction, our experienced team understands how to manage the trades to reduce downtime and keep each segment of construction on track. Over the years, we have established key processes and best practices—including regularly scheduled project meetings, status reporting, virtual site monitoring, and thorough communication. We anticipate each next step in the delivery process to ensure you are satisfied with the progress.

Whether you are looking to build infrastructure, community developments, resorts, medical facilities, or retail/corporate space, the team at ZT Construction has the proven experience to transform your vision to a building that stands the test of time.

Program Management: Support from Start to Finish

service-progmanagementZT Construction’s expert program management team is here to guide clients through every phase of the project. At ZT, we understand that your project’s success starts with establishing a clear understanding of your requirements—and the needs of the end user.

That’s why we promote active client engagement through every phase of design and construction. Over the years, our team has delivered high-quality construction projects across all market sectors—from healthcare and education to industrial and retail/commercial.

Our comprehensive program management approach relies on ongoing monitoring and communication. By utilizing management technology platforms, we provide the highest level of reliability and security to ensure uninterrupted operations. This includes thorough communication and reporting between the client and architect to ensure efficiency and quality throughout every phase.